SUCEDE supports organizations whose operational and management structures have been rigorously assessed under high legal, financial and accountability standards. Special attention is paid to the entrepreneurial ability, credibility and ethical behavior of the leader behind the organization.


We also support the project development by offering guidance on project planning, expected impacts, and budgets. This leads us to evaluate the project’s feasibility and chances of success. 

After making a contribution, SUCEDE delivers to you a written acknowledgment of the funds received, their transfer to the beneficiary organization, as well as the appropriate receipt for tax-deduction purposes. After a six-month period, SUCEDE provides you with a financial and narrative report of how your contribution is making a positive impact on the cause you supported.


Our mission is to promote and facilitate social investment in South America, especially in Perú, in order to support the region’s sustainable development. We mobilize funds to finance result-oriented projects that can produce positive social change for poor and excluded individuals and their communities. 


Miami, FL 
290 Cranwood Drive
Key Biscayne, FL. 33149
Tel: + 1 305-692-0141


Lima, Perú
Calle Bolivar 270, oficina 102
(511) 992-734-840


Carolina Llosa
Executive Director