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SUCEDE enables donors to maximize their capacity to donate to South America by supporting high-quality social projects that can have a tangible and meaningful effect on the communities they serve.

Our infrastructure and services enhance donor’s international giving by offering:

  • Tax advantages that are challenging to obtain when supporting organizations overseas.

  • Support for individual and corporate donors in identifying the appropriate opportunities to fulfill their philanthropic goals and strategies.

  • Customized services to the needs of corporate employee giving programs, local foundations, financial institutions or other groups.

  • Previous due diligence research on the recipient organizations.

  • Monitoring and reporting of use of funds to donors.

  • A portfolio of social projects in different countries and social fields led by individuals who have been recognized for their work.

  • Individual Donor Advised Fund for donors who want to make a large contribution at any specific moment, receive an immediate tax deduction but prefer to deliver the funds to the recipient organizations over a longer period of time.

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